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My favorite pancake restaurant

When I was younger I loved pancakes. Excuse me, I loved MAPLE SYRUP. Pancakes were a way to get as much maple syrup on my plate, my hands, and my face.

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colorful yogurt bowl

INGREDIENTS ♡ 4 jars of plain yogurt ♡ 1/3 cup of milk ♡ 3-4 medium strawberries ♡ Half a medium size mango ♡ 1-2 dozen blueberries ♡ 2 kiwis ♡ 1 tsp confectioner’s sugar ♡ 1 tsp peanut powder Yields 2 bowls  DIRECTIONS 1. Wash, peel and dice your fruits, according to your visual preference.… Continue reading →


INGREDIENTS ♡ Tomato sauce base ♡ About 2 lbs Potatoes ♡ Pre-cooked or canned beans ♡ 1 cup ground crayfish ♡ 1-2 cups vegetable broth or cooking stock ♡ Salt and spices to taste DIRECTIONS 1. Tomato sauce base: unfortunately I didn’t capture the tomato sauce base ingredients for this recipe but any tomato sauce… Continue reading →

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