colorful yogurt bowl



♡ 4 jars of plain yogurt

♡ 1/3 cup of milk

♡ 3-4 medium strawberries

♡ Half a medium size mango

♡ 1-2 dozen blueberries

♡ 2 kiwis

♡ 1 tsp confectioner’s sugar

♡ 1 tsp peanut powder

Yields 2 bowls 


1. Wash, peel and dice your fruits, according to your visual preference.

2. Mix the yogurt and milk to get a creamy consistency. Note that i used greek yogurt , which tends to be too thick. If your yogurt is already creamy, no need to add milk

3. Pour the creamy yogurt in a bowl.

4. Style your bowl with the diced fruits. Get creative. Here I went for my country’s flag colors 🇨🇲 in the first bowl (though i forgot the yellow star). 

This is my favorite part 🙂

5. Sprinkle the confectioner’s sugar / peanut powder at the end for decoration.


Pro tip: confectioner’s sugar will dissolve quickly so if you want to take a picture of your creation you want to do it right away (or even ask someone to do it while you are sprinkling the sugar!

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