Hello there! Glad you found me! My name is Alvine, I am a God-fearing, people loving, young(ish) woman originally from Cameroon (based currently in the US) who has an amaranthine appreciation for tasty food (I know you just googled amaranthine, I taught you a new word today, you’re welcome! 😊; now go impress someone with that after you finish reading this). I am a self-proclaimed foodie, food enthusiast, food lover, however you want to call it, so this is the why you and I are here. If we are family or friends, chances are we have shared a meal I made at least once. If we have not yet shared a meal, I owe you one as soon as you share the link to this blog with six of your foodie friends. Sharing is caring! 😊 

I have loved food and being in the kitchen for as long as I can remember. I am forever grateful that my mom involved me and my sisters in cooking from an early age. I remember I used to be so much into baking when I was in high school that my father considered opening up a bakery at some point. I am that kid who would throw a random get together at our house when my parents were not around just so I could make some crepes and cakes for my friends. I hold very fond memories of these times and I feel like I have never stopped being that way anyways. Here I am, many many years later, still sharing my food!

Food is without an ounce of doubt my absolute love language, the one I love to give and receive, ALL.THE.TIME. ALWAYS. FOREVER. Forget about the other five languages from Gary Chapman, just give me a good meal and I will love and remember you forever!

what can you expect Here?

Before we get into what you can expect from this blog, perhaps let’s get a bit into what you cannot expect from this blog. As much as I thoroughly enjoy cooking for friends and family, I am not a professional chef/caterer and have no particular plans to become one for the time being. I have deep admiration and respect for this profession but the idea of cooking for huge amounts of people scares me. I feel like becoming a full-time cook for a living might take away that joy from me. However, I never say never. Maybe one day! Anyways, the point is to warn you upfront that I am by no means a professional chef. Just a dedicated foodie, who loves to enjoy and share food.

Now onto what you can expect. Although my culinary base is African cuisine, my taste buds do not discriminate. So you can expect recipes from various parts of the world as much as you can expect African recipes here (#GlobalFoodie). I plan to personalize many of the recipes and share nuggets of information that are not always specified in some recipes. I also hope that we can build a respectful and entertaining community along the way! FYI, my second love language after food is laughter 😊. Another objective of the blog would be to document my restaurant adventures over time. Once I start with reviews I am hoping to do at least once a month. I know you are tired of reading by now, so let me summarize it for you. You can expect:

  • My take on well-known recipes and recipes from my favorite bloggers
  • Original recipes: straight from my restless foodie mind
  • Pro tips, tricks and fun facts I discover in my kitchen adventures
  • Candid reviews of restaurants I have tried locally (DMV/USA) and internationally

P.S./ DISCLAIMER : As I said above, I have not received any formal training in culinary arts; HOWEVER, I never cease to educate myself on the topic of food and the recipes that I find tasty. I will be joyously sharing my experiences and my recommendations, but ultimately you should always use your judgment and personalize recipes according to your taste buds. Either way, I hope you’ll have fun discovering my recipes and kitchen hacks.

welcome to my foodieverse!